Parent Teen Challenge Day

Program tested over 10yrs


Parent Teen Challenge Day is designed by Dr. Frances Boyd M.Ed. Ph.D., (founder of Adolescent Life Coaching Center) to strengthen already good relationships while facilitating those struggling with family conflict stop feeling alone and disconnected within the home. 

Program Design


This fun day is carefully designed to promote the reunification of teens and parents through carefully designed learning, activities and competitions that facilitate for an afternoon of reflection and commitment to change.

You are not alone


Parent/Teen Challenge will bring the parent and teen to the realization that they are not alone in their situations and identify what is in each person’s power to improve and change their lives. 

Courtesy and Respect


Upon completion of this program both parents and teens communicate with more courtesy and respect, recognize behaviors for what they are, and have practiced how to verbalize discomforts and needs. 

Mutual understanding


Throughout the day, issues such as responsibility and respect are addressed. Through the activities parents and teens will developing a mutual understanding of each other with the goal of reducing power struggles and creating peace at home. 

Research FAQs


Research demonstrates that the most effective teen program outcomes result from programs that involve the caregiver/s.